Schools, Colleges & Universities

      Schools and Colleges may use Eduperior to:

  1. Import courses from other national, state, district, or school sites.  Granted, the challenge of Not Invented Here (NIH) may
    be a political stumbling block.
  2. Enable and encourage educators to create course competency statements for accreditation purposes.
  3. Create and continuously ehance entire courses with each of the following components based on competency statements:
    1. Standards met
    2. Interest approaches
    3. Lesson plans
    4. Assignments
    5. Digital text book pages
    6. Assessements
  4. Begin a transition from seat time education to competency based education.
  5. Save money on text book purchasing, lesson plan creation.
  6. Used previously created course competencies and related components to help assemble and create new courses content.